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Take a pea sized amount to begin…  A little goes a long way!  Kara Care Skin Food is thicker at room temperature, but melts with BODY HEAT.  Let this amount work on your hands first.  You may then want to gently pat the face without stretching the skin.  Allow it to penetrate for about 2-5 minutes (you will be able to feel when its absorbed).  Grab more and use all over your entire body for the most supple skin imaginable!  Yum!

Hand Model:  Kara Vedder



Our unique certified organic formulation blends African Shea Butter, Peruvian Cocoa Butter and nourishing essential oils into an amazing body balm for all-over skin suppleness!  The benefits of our beautiful balm are endless.  Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, this skin Superfood can be used for:


Skin care - body, face, and hand moisturizer

Lip balm

Sunscreen -provides a natural, chemical-free, paraben free SPF of 6

Hair care

Skin healing - heals chaffing, sunburn and heat burns, wounds, itchy skin, skin rashes, stretch marks, blemishes, spots, diaper rash, and rough skin (such as feet), Eczema, and Dermatitis

Anti-aging - Its high in unsaponifiable (phytosterols) and vitamin A, D, E and F which hydrate and nourish the skin while stimulating its elasticity to prevent and heal fine lines and wrinkles



*Contains cocoa butter from the cocoa nut palm, not recommended for those with nut allergies.

**Skin Food is a body butter and will melt at high temperatures and harden at cold temperatures.

Store at room temperature, avoiding extreme heat and extreme cold.