Changing the World One Healthy Hide at a Time


Kara Care, LLC is led by Kara Vedder, Founder & Creator.  Kara Vedder is an Actor/ Model/  Celebrity Hand Model who’s career has spanned well over a decade.

At heart, Kara’s still a small town girl.  Her sweetness and integrity are 100% authentic.  She started life in a small town outside of Houston, Texas - born to a hard working family.  Her mom was a school teacher; her dad, a glass company owner; and her uncle, a rice farmer.


Even back then, Kara was ambitious and adventurous. She saw a bright future for herself. So immediately after high school, she packed her bags, and off she went to New York City!  She began studying Acting at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and The Lee Strasberg Institute for Theatre and Film. While in the middle of these programs, Kara learned that she was going to become a young mother.  Yes, sometimes, Life throws you the unexpected... but no matter what obstacles were in front of her, Kara decided NEVER to let her dreams die.


She raised two small children, as a strong, happy, single mom, in the hip West Village/ Soho while creating a lasting career as an Actor/ Model/ Hand Model.


Hand Modeling “hit first”, as she found herself working as the on-camera hand model at The Food Network.    Later, she became one of the world's top hand models as she moved to even larger national commercial spots  like iPad, Budweiser, Verizon, Cascade, KFC, Folger's, Dannon, Joe's Crab Shack, Hellmann's, and Pizza Hut to name a few....  You’ve seen her hands in everything, and may not  even know it!

Kara's career expanded to Face, Full-Body modeling and on-camera Commercials as she appeared in ads for Lenscrafters, Kellogg’s, and Tide.  Currently, Kara is focusing on TV and Film and is the Lead in two new TV Pilots.As she began to notice the first signs of aging, you can imagine the extensive shelf of products that she acquired!  Being in the industry, she went to the expensive cosmetic counters for the best of the best in anti-aging solutions.  However, after reading the ingredients in these high-end products and not being able to pronounce most of them, she became quite concerned with what she was ingesting through her skin.  She was saddened by the amount of money these companies were charging for a jar full of chemicals.


A “perpetual student”, Kara decided to go back to school to study Health Sciences at The Swedish Institute in NYC.  While earning her degree and LMT title, she became fascinated with Eastern Medicine, Applied Topics, and Aromatherapy.


This led Kara to create her own skin care recipe!  Kara Care - Skin Food was first made right on her own stovetop! She searched far and wide for the perfect Organic Ingredients and Essential Oils that would prolong her youthful appearance and keep her skin healthy.  As she gave samples to her friends and family to take care of themselves, she had a larger plan in mind...  Now, Kara is ready to share her skin secrets with the world!

Kara’s business and product, Kara Care - Skin Food, has been inspired by the most honest and ethical practices of those belonging to an “eco-preneur”.  Kara Care is both socially and environmentally responsible by using only the purest, 100% organic ingredients, and by using recyclable containers and biodegradable packaging.


The Kara Care philosophy revolves around the scientific truth that you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you can't EAT!  Kara Care intends to “raise the bar” for simple organic skin care.   We hope to be an example for future companies in the industry, by maintaining friendly, honest business practices that are safe, non-toxic, and chemical-free.  Kara Care would like to show the World what it feels like to give your skin a proper meal.  After all, it is the largest organ of the body!   Kara Care strives to change the world - “one happy, healthy hide at a time!

Kara Care- Skin Food comes from the heart...  Its chemical-free, cruelty-free, and made with all natural ingredients. It is a product so pure that IT'S EDIBLE! Made with love for EVERYONE,  Kara Care Skin Food is gender-neutral and can be used all over! From moist lips to toe tips, feed your skin a delicious meal!


Kara Vedder is a Certified Health Care Provider who is passionate about Skin Care, educated in Eastern Medicine, Aromatherapy, and a Licensed Massage Therapist.